Sectional Timing, Tracking, Data Capture Television Graphics and More...

Set up your system today, and be ready to race tomorrow. It is that easy.

Autochart is the only technology that delivers unmatched accuracy in sectional timing and positioning. It has total portability in a wireless and solar powered design and has the capability to cover large venues.

Autochart works with thoroughbred, harness, quarter horse and greyhound racing, and it supports any number of starters without the need for any infrastructure.

The Autochart system, with it?s 2.3 ounce sensor, captures in real time all the timing, position, speed and distance information from each runner. The captured data is stored in multiple databases, while the system pushes a full field running order to our proprietary television graphics system.

Our technology also creates a race animation and serves online interactive race analysis utilizing the captured data. The system does all of this with a single operator at the control of our mostly automated command software.

Although Autochart has concentrated on the horse racing industry, our technology is well suited for applications in other competitive sports. We welcome inquiries and remain open to new challenges.

It is our sincere hope that the information presented here is useful in helping you get to know our technology and vision for racing, and look forward to all comments and inquiries.

100% Wireless
Solar Powered, requires no infrastructure
Fully Portable design
Easy Installation and knockdown
Proven millisecond accuracy
Sectional Timing data for each runner
Positional data for each runner
Speed data for each runner at every point of call
Trip or distance traveled for each runner
Television Graphics component
Real time full field running order
Online interactive race analysis
Sponsorship ready features
On demand animated replays
Dynamic Workouts Coverage
And more....

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